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Statistics for 10/9/2017

[ You need java enabled to use the free dynamic graphing utility ]

Data as of

10/9/2017 Whole Blood Donors

PreRegistered = 1474 (Green Line)

Checked In = 0 (Blue Line) [PreRegistered + Walk-Ins]

Checked Out = 0 (Orange Line) [PreRegistered + Walk-Ins]

The Red line shows the number of available preregistration slots

Average Time between Check In and Check Out: 0.00 minutes
(Based on 0 people)

Of the 0 walk-ins that checked in and checked out on this day, the average donation time was 0.00 minutes.

0 people checked IN today, but never checked OUT. This number includes deferrals, those who couldn't give, and those that forgot to checkout.

Total PreRegistration Slots Still Available = 85

Volunteers Registered = 218

Trima Donors Registered = 0

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Mizzou - American Red Cross
2017 Homecoming Blood Drive
(573) 449-2656 x 2505
Contact the Blood Committee at [email protected]